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Horrors of the Deep - Ebook

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About the Book:

The sea roils. The siren calls. The kraken awakens. Will you join the voyage into the unknown?

In the murky depths lurk the strangest, most frightening creatures, things that thrive in the dangerous waters of the night. From wandering ghost ships to murderous mermaids to the horrifying kraken, the ocean is rife with dark legends that enthrall and fascinate us to this day.

Prepare to be taken under by an incomparable group of writers who have crafted a collection of unforgettable seafaring tales. Together, they explore deep into the mysterious aquatic realm, bringing back to the surface tales of terror, intrigue, adventure, and suspense. Spanning numerous styles and genres, the stories in this volume will leave readers breathless and yet eager to continue onward to distant shores.



Franklin Ard


Elizabeth Beechwood, Joseph Carro, Paul Carro, Shane R. Collins, Renee S. DeCamillis, Devin J. Gaither, Rachel Halpern, Derek B. Hoffman, Rebecca McKenna, Karen Menzel (née Bovenmyer), John Christopher Nelson, Sarah Parke, Cristina Perachio, Richard Squires, and Genevieve Williams


261 pages


Horror, suspense, dark fantasy, fairytale, slipstream, historical fiction, literary fiction

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